Fiberglass Boat Repairs
Collision Damage Repairs: Our Body Shop For Boats repairs everything from minor scratches to major collision damage. Insurance claims are welcome, work is guaranteed and your boat will be returned to its original condition.
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Transom and Stringer Restoration: There are many older fiberglass boats that are well built but their transom or stringers have failed. Often these vessels can be given new life by replacing the transom, stringers and floors. Or owners may wish to switch from an inboard outboard to an outboard. Pacific Oceaneering has done this work on many boats bringing new life to basically sound hulls.
Leaks: Boat decks sometimes leak. Often this is from delimitation where the core has failed or deck fittings have begun to leak. Cores can be replaced or repaired, fittings reinstalled and the deck repaired so a vessel can be warm and dry again.

Blisters: Sometimes water gets between a boat’s gel coat and its fiberglass by osmosis. Pacific Oceaneering has special equipment that peels the gel coat away leaving a fresh surface that is then resurfaced and made sound.

Fuel Tanks: Often fuel tanks are built into a boat under permanent decks. If these tanks leak they have to be removed and repaired. This requires that the deck be cut open and then repaired after the is reinstalled. We have done this work on many boats.
Personal Water Craft: From time to time these fast craft have altercations with solid objects – we repair them all.
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Recreational Vehicles: Modern RVs have many fiberglass parts that are easily repaired. We will be pleased to provide you with a quote and of course insurance claims are welcome.