Boat Maintenance

Maintaining a boat preserves and often increases its value. The Body Shop For Boats can bring your boat back to life.

Polishing and Detailing: To keep their factory gloss fiberglass gel coats need to be cleaned and polished regularly. Small scratches and scrapes need to be repaired to keep water out of the fiberglass below the gel coat. We can also apply or repair decals and graphics.
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Anti Fouling: Modern, environmentally safe, (but expensive) anti fouling coatings require sophisticated hull preparation techniques and careful application. We have the equipment to remove your boat from its trailer so that these treatments can be applied effectively. (It is vital that the first time these paints are applied it is done correctly so the surface lasts, maintains manufacturers’ warrantees and allows for subsequent coats to be applied at less cost)
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Painting: New urethane coatings are usually better than the original gel coat on a fiberglass boat. However the successful painting of a boat relies totally on the preparation of the surface. We have the patience, experience and equipment needed to prepare a vessel properly.
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